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Tommy Jackson's first snook and Charlie Sobczak/32 inch 10 pound snook/On the beach at the rocks/Aug 2011

Les Boyle/Charlie Sobczak/Wade Robert/Snappers and Amberjack/Off Captiva w/Capt. Charlie/May 2011

Mary DeMik/Snook/Pine Island Sound/June 2011

Wade Robert/Trout/Port Aransas TX/June 2011

Chris Vertesch fighting the tarpon in the picture to the right.

Chris Vertesch/140 pound tarpon/Off Sanibel/May 2011

Les Boyle and Wade Robert/Mangrove Snapper and Amberjack/Off Redfish Pass/May 2011

Les Boyle/30" 10pound Redfish/Pine Island Sound/May 2011

Rol Campbell and Wade Robert with Rol's redfish caught in Ding Darling/May 2011

Rol Campbell/Redfish/Pine Island Sound/May 2011

Kevin Vertesch/37 pound King Mackeral/Off Redfish Pass/May 2011

Duane Thurow/32" redfish caught during the April 2011 outing.

Jim Laborde, Peter Kendall and Sandy Tannenbaum/2 amberjacks caught during the April 2011 outing.

Mary DeMik/18" Pompano caught during the April 2011 outing.

Kevin Vertesch/Sailfish/March 2011/Off Miami

Rol Campbell and Wade Robert present donation to Eric Lindblad, SCCF

Wade Robert, Les Boyle and Kevin Vertesch/AJ and Snappers/March 2011/Off Redfish Pass

Kevin Vertesch/Mangrove Snapper/Off Captiva aboard Nine Lives

Crew of Nine Lives with AJ //Snapper/March 2011

Rol Campbell and Peter Kendall/Grouper/Dec. 4, 2010/Off Sanibel

Charlie Sobczak/Amber Jack, 50 pounds, 53 inches/Off Sanibel

Jim LaBorde/Grouper/Dec. 4, 2010/Off Sanibel

John Reid/Redfish/Nov 2010

Rol Campbell/Dolphin(Mahi-Mahi)/Off Sanibel/November 2010

Charlie Sobczak/12 lb Red Grouper/Off Sanibel/November 2010

Tom Buther/Redfish and Grouper/Off Sanibel/November 2010

Rol Campbell/ 12 lb Grouper/Off Sanibel/November 2010


Children from the SIFC/Tarpon Bay Explorers outing/November 13th. Tarpon Bay Flounder.

Kevin Vertesch/Tarpon

Losing a tarpon

Rol Cambell and Wade Robert/Small Mouth Bass/Cayuga Lake, NY/August 2010

Charlie Sobczak, Mutton Snapper 9 pounds, a rare catch for our waters/ Off Sanibel at the ARC Barge site on squid/August 2010

Charlie Sobczak/Walleye 8.5lbs/Burntside Lake, Ely MN/Jul7 2010

Kevin Vertesch/Grouper//Off Sanibel/July 2010

Dan Kennedy/Snook/Off Sanibel/July 2010

Gary Biltgin/Goliath Grouper/Off Sanibel/July 2010

Manny Rudd/Cobia/Off Sanibel w/Capt. Kevin/June 2010

Riley Johnson/Bonnethead Shark/Off Sanibel w Capt. Kevin/June 2010 

Warren Teigen/Amberjack/Charlie's Wreck/April 2010

Charlie Sobjczak/Amberjack and Snapper/Off Sanibel/April 2010

Bob Stults,Rol Campbell,Peter Markush,Nate Grey,Billy Kirkland,Steve Cservenyak/Grouper, Amberjack and Snapper/Off Marco Island/April 2010

Don Cook/Stone Crab/Pine Island Sound/April 2010

Les Boyle/Tarpon/Pine Island Sound/April 2010

Chris Vertesch/Redfish 22"/Pine Island Sound/April 2010

Phil Marks/Homossasa, FL/2010

Charlie Sobjczak/John Grinstead/Rol Campbell/Dan Cohen/31 mangrove snapper,8 gag grouper ,an amberjack, and some pan fish/Off Sanibel/April Fool's Day

Wade Robert/Redfish/Pine Island Sound/April2010

Rol Campbell/Redfish/Pine Island Sound/April 2010

Les Boyle/6LB 26" Redfish/Pine Island Sound/April 2010

Charlie Sobczak's great nephew Kiefer Eales catching his very first AJ on 3/20/10 offshore.  He weights in at 63 pounds and the AJ was 25.

John Grenstead, Charlie Sobczak, Rol Campbell/Sapper, Amberjack, Porgy/Off Sanibel/March 2010

Wade Robert/Snook after the kill/Dinkins Bayou/March 2010

Charlie Sobczak/Porgy/8.5lbs./Off Captiva/March 2010

Phil Marks/Redfish 10.25lb 31 inches/Crystal River, FL/2010

Ken Chambers/Groupers/Off Sanibel with Capt. Charlie/January 2010

Rol Campbell and grandson Kevin/Snook 33inches/Dinkins Bayou/January 2010

Rol Campbell and Dewayne Kendall/Cobia, Grouper, Amberjack/Off Sanibel with Captain Charlie/January 2010

Mick (friend of Capt. Charlie)/Cobia 40+pounds/Off Sanibel with Captain Charlie/January 2010

Charlie Sobczak/Scamp Grouper, 7lb, 23 inches/On a pinfish 35 miles off Sanibel in 98 feet of water/Rare species for us especially this large.

Les Boyle/Snook 33" 8lb./Pine Island Sound/Oct 2009

John Reid, Sanibel with Capt Charlie/Oct 2009

Les Boyle and Chris Moles/Snook, Redfish, and Snapper/Pine Island Sound/Oct 2009

John Reid/Flounder/Caught off Sanibel in about 55 feet with Captain Charlie/Oct 2009

Wade Robert/Redfish/32"/On a gold spoon in the East Flats, Port Aransas, Texas/Sept 2009

Rol Campbell/Bass/4 pounds/Cayuga Lake in central NY/July 2009

Bruce Neal of Sanibel Sea School on the Nine Lives/Rare 5.5 foot 60 pound Tiger Shark/Off Sanibel

John Reed/Dolphin/Cape Hatteras,NC on the "Big Eye"

Rol Campbell/Snook/Off the Sanibel beach/May 2009

Mary DeMik/Grouper 25"/trolling on Belton Johnson Reef off Sanibel/May 2009

Rol Campbell and Charlie Sobczak/Red Grouper/Off Sanibel w/Captain Peter/May 2009

Peter Kendall and Steve Taub/Red Grouper Catch/Off Sanibel/May 2009

Rol Campbell, Bob Owens, Chet Sadler, Mary DeMik/Redfish from the Club Spring Slam Outing

Wade Robert/Redfish 23"/San Carlos Bay/April 2009

Les Boyle/Redfish 21"/San Carlos Bay/April 2009

Charlie Sobczak/Best Catch of the Day//Off Sanibel/Mar 2009

Rol Campbell/Groupers/Off Sanibel/Mar 2009

Rol Campbell/Spanish Mackerel/Point Ybel/Mar 2009

John Reid/Mangrove Snappers/Fishing w/ Capt Charlie off Sanibel/Mar 2009

Rol Campbell/Amberjack 46 inches;35 pounds/Fishing w/ Capt Charlie off Sanibel/Mar 2009

Peter Kendall/Mangrove Snappers/Fishing w/ Capt Charlie off Sanibel /Mar 2009

Lee Cosentino/Tripletail/Off Sanibel with Captain Vertesch/Feb 22

Dewayne Kendall/Amberjack 20 pounds/Off Sanibel with Capt Charlie/Dec 2008

Wade Robert/Mangrove Snappers/Off Captiva w/Capt. Charlie/Jan 2009

Ken Chambers/Rol Campbell/Groupers and 16 pound Amberjack/Off Sanibel w/ Capt. Charlie/Dec 2008

Ken Chambers/Rol Campbell/17, 6-15 pound Groupers/Fishing w/ Capt Charlie off Sanibel/Dec 2008

Kevin Vertesch/Tripletail/15 pounds/Off Sanibel/Sept 2008

Kermit Simonson/Salmon Outing/Door County, Wisconsin (Lake Michigan)

Mary DeMik/Redfish/Lbs.?/42-48inches approx/Pine Island Sound

Rol Campbell/10 pound Northern Pike/Cuyuga Lake, NY/August 2008

Rol Campbell/Smallmouth Bass (larger 4 pounds)/Cuyuga Lake, NY/August 2008

Mary DeMik/Pompano//Pine Island Sound/August 2008

Wade Robert/Snook off the beach/July 1, 2008

Dewayne Kendall (Rol's son-in-law)/60 pound Blue Fin Tuna/off Virginia Coast/July 2008

Rol Campbell/!6 and 12 pound Grouper's/ off Captiva with Captain Charlie/July 5, 2008

Vern Frankwich with Rol Campbell/Cobia 54 inch 60 pound/Gulf off Captiva/ June 21,2008

Vern Frankwich with Capt. Charlie/Cobia 54 inch 60 pound/Gulf off Captiva/June 21,2008

Bob Stults and brother-in-law/Flukes//New Jersey Coast/Jul7 2007

Kermit Simonson, Tarpon, Est. Weight 150 Lbs, April 5, 2008, Caloosahatchee River

Wade Robert/Amberjack/April 3 off Captiva with Captain Peter Kendall

March Off Shore Outing

Catch from March Off Shore Outing - Yellowtail

Catch from March Outing - Grouper and Amberjacks

Rol Campbell/20 pound Amberjack March 2008 off Captiva

Bob Stults/18 pound Grouper/March 2008 off Captiva

Rol Campbell/8 pound Redfish/Feb 21/Ding Darling

Kevin and Mike Vertesch/52 pound, 53inch Cobia/Feb 17/San Carlos Bay

SIFC Off Shore Trip/Grouper and Snapper/Feb 8/Gulf+30

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Dolphin/Florida Keys

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Cubera Snapper( 52 pounds)/Summer 2007/Gulf

Capt Charlie Sobczak and Smith/Wahoo/Florida Keys

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Red Grouper/Jan24

Rol Campbell/Amberjack 25 pounds/Jan24

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Jan 24

Mary DeMik/Trout/San Carlos Bay

Mary DeMik/19" Trout/San Carlos Bay

Mary DeMik/Pompano/Spring 2007

Mary DeMik/Grouper/San Carlos Bay

Rol Campbell/Dewayne Kendall/Dec. 29, 2007/Amberjack

Rol Campbell/Dewayne Kendall/Dec. 29, 2007/Amberjack/Mangrove Snapper/Grouper

Captain Charlie Sobczak with brother-inlaw Andy/Rol Campell/Dec 29, 2007/Amberjack/Mangrove Snapper/Grouper

Rol Campbell/Kevin Vertesch/Dec 24, 2007/Mangrove Snapper/Yellowtail

Rol Campbell/Dewayne Kendall/Kevin Vertesch/Dec 24, 2007/Amberjack

Rol Campbell/Son-in-law Dewayne Kendall/Dec 24,


Capt Charlie Sobczak /Dewayne Kendall/Kevin Vertesch/Dec 24, 2007/53 fish/Amberjack/Mangrove Snapper/Trigger fish

Kermit Simonson/Redfish/December 10, 2007. Fishing with Capt, Nelson Diaz

Kermit Simonson/Snook/December 10,2007 Fishing with Capt. Nelson Diaz

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Nov 29, 2007/Trigger Fish

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Nov 29, 2007/Ready to fillet snappers

Bob Elliot/Nov 29, 2007/Holding biggest Grouper of trip

Rol Campbell/Nov 29, 2007/Trip best Red Snapper and Grouper

Bob Elliot/Nov 29, 2007, Career best Mangrove Snappers

Capt Charlie Sobczak/Trigger Fish and a big catch/Nov 29, 2007

October evening Snapper and Cobia from Redfish Pass

Rol Campbell/October 17, 2007, Red from backbay school

Don Cook/Bonita(False Albacore)/October 13, 2007 off Captiva

Jim Laborde/Grouper/Dec. 4th/Goulf off Sanibel

Rol Campbell/Trout/October 20, 2007

Kevin Vertesch/Red 28"/Pine Island Sound/October 20, 2007

Wade Robert/Red/August 2007

Wade Robert/10lb Grouper/Pine Island Sound

Kevin Vertesch/ 28 pound King Mackrel/October 13, 2007

Charlie Sobczak/Barracuda/April 3 off Captiva with Captain Peter Kendall

Charlie Sobczak/Mussel SnapperThe Firth of Thames on the North Island of New Zealand/Oct 2008

Feeding Tarpon seen by Bob Owens/10,000 Islands